Increased Production. Constant Support.

With nearly a century in the business, we know how our customers equipment and processes work. When we don’t have a print or dimensions to work from, our experience has taught us how to apply reverse engineering to recreate or rebuild any part. If it’s made of metal and it comes out of a piece of machinery, we know how to build or fix it.

At Santa Fe Machine Works, we can handle any size or application for any manufacturer. Our expertise is working with our customers every step of the way, from inception to inspection of custom parts and components. All plans are carefully drawn and inspected before being turned over to machinists with exact instructions and specifications.

Being a small company with a history of general machining, collaboration, innovation and education are at the forefront of designing the most effective solutions to optimize your production. For example, our years of experience have proven how antiquated screw technology can unexpectedly halt production and in some cases damage our customers machinery. By engineering and creating customized parts designed for your exact specifications, Santa Fe Machine Works eliminates the time-wasting frustration of unreliable, off-the-shelf parts with no customer recourse. In an era of billion dollar corporations offering slow-to-no customer service, Santa Fe Machine Works offers substantial cost savings and peace of mind by providing design and engineering services to optimize your production. Superior performance and first class service is our specialty.