Extrusion Screw Design for Optimal Performance and Extended Life.

At Santa Fe Machine Works, we show our customers how to optimize processes, avoid costly repairs and extend the life of valuable components. We know general purpose parts rarely meet the demands of ever changing technology. Our decades of experience with extrusion screw design allows us to work with every aspect of plastics. Everything from compounding to blown film, we specialize in producing screws for premium color mixes with the most efficient compounding and throughput. At Santa Fe Machine Works, we’re known for offering the highest quality parts with a variety of extrusion screw solutions including:

  • Minimum screw diameter 1/2”OD X 12” long
  • Maximum screw diameter 12”OD X 242 long
  • Carefully engineered screw geometry to match the exact needs of your process.
  • High throughput, supreme mix and melt quality for optimum component life.
  • Screw and barrel solutions for new processes and products.
  • Screw recovery solutions for high performance and multiple applications.
  • Quality inspections with every step of the process to create customized parts specific to our customers demands.