About Santa Fe Machine Works

body_imgSanta Fe Machine Works is at the forefront in the production of plastic injection and extrusion screws. We opened our doors nearly a century ago and we’re proud to say we’re still in the USA.

For over 90 years our family business has served the manufacturing industry. We’ve been around long enough to know the importance of getting the job right the first time and our vast experience gives us the advantage of being able to closely work with our customers to create a wide range of manufacturing solutions.

Our experienced staff knows you can’t outsource custom.

With many manufacturing companies being swallowed up, downsized and shipped out, we know the tremendous value our accessibility brings to our customers. Our competitors are behemoths in the industry, but big corporations can’t react as quickly as an experienced family business. We may be small, but we’re nimble enough to accomplish tremendous demands with a streamlined efficiency that eludes billion dollar corporations.

Essentially, if it’s made out of metal and comes out of a piece of machinery, we know how to manufacture or fix it.

With the ease of our one-stop shop approach we are proud to offer:

  • First class service to the injection molding and extrusion industry.
  • Personal attention from the first contact to the completion of your project.
  • Complete repair and remanufacturing services.
  • Comprehensive in-house machining and engineering services to provide a single source for finished working components.
  • On-site inspections for every process.
  • Extensive quality controls implemented at every step.
  • Complete screw, barrel and valve packages.
  • Machine parts, tie bars and toggles that compliment your specified needs.
  • Assembly of barrel and valve kits.