Santa Fe Machine Works guarantees every part we make. Over the years we’ve learned how to streamline the process and get the job right the first time with a comprehensive list of steps including:

Reverse Engineering – We can reverse engineer any part to create or repair existing parts. If it’s made out of metal and comes out of a piece of machinery, we can fix it.

Test Reports – All test reports are carefully inspected to confirm proper stress requirements either meet or exceed our demands before ordering new materials.

Materials – All Materials are inspected upon arrival to make sure dimensions are clearly defined.

Job Routers – Each manufacturing or repair job going through our shop is given a router to enable specific in-progress inspection reports. This ensures each machinist receives comprehensive instruction at the beginning and conclusion of each step. Throughout the process, if any tolerance or dimension issues occur, we can find an immediate solution.

Inspection – Final Inspection is always performed at the completion of each order. With every step of the process being carefully monitored, it’s rare we miss anything. Before any part leaves the shop, it must meet or exceed our expectations.

We are the injection molder and extruders single source
for custom components and repairs
to keep your machinery running at its optimum throughput.