Our Products

Santa Fe Machine Works offers a complete line of services that keep
injection molders and extruders running at optimum throughput.

Injection Screws – With nearly a century of experience, we know general purpose profile and substrate screws rarely meet the demands of ever-changing technology. Using general purpose screws in state-of-the-art machinery is like putting cheap tires on a fine race car.

Extrusion Screws – Santa Fe Machine Works, we show you how to optimize processes, avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your extrusion screws.

Custom Screws – We identify opportunities for enhanced performance. We have solutions to assist you with processing difficult extrusion or injection materials.

Injection and Extrusion Barrels – For over 20 years, SFM has been one of the largest distributors of WEXCO High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels.

Valves and Endcaps – Santa Fe Machine Works offers a complete selection of valves and end caps manufactured from a variety of steels and alloys that work most efficiently for chosen processes.

General Machining – We have been at the forefront in the production of plastic injection and extrusion screws for over 30 years. Part of our one-stop approach is to offer complete machining services to keep your equipment running at optimum performance.