Custom Extrusion & Injection Screw Manufacturer:
A Family Tradition Since 1923.

Santa Fe Machine Works is a world leader for new & rebuilt Injection & Extrusion Screws, Barrels & Valves. A Family Business since 1923, we excel in offering a custom tailored screw, barrel & valve combos allowing our Injection Molding & Extrusion Processors Production goals to be met.

We work with our customers to create a wide range of manufacturing solutions including the ease of our one-stop shop approach to keep your machinery up and running.

We specialize in first class personal service and customized Engineering support. When you call us, you won’t waste your time on hold by an overseas call center or be referred to one-size-fits-all parts that fall short in meeting your Production needs. We are more interested in understanding your strengths in Processing & collaborating on ways to fine-tune your presses in order to achieve higher output, better mix, faster cycle times or all Three at once!

We can handle any size, material or application for any manufacturer. Our expertise is working with our customers every step of the way, from inception to inspection of custom parts and components, just as our Great-Grandfather did over 95 years ago!

It's our family tradition to get the job right the first time for the right price.



Santa Fe Machine Works offers a complete line of services that keep injection molders and extruders running at optimum throughput.


Design & Engineering

With nearly a century in the business, we know how our customers equipment and processes work.



Santa Fe Machine Works guarantees every part we make. Over the years we’ve learned how to streamline the process …

Mission statement
We don’t have a choice. It’s in our blood. At Santa Fe Machine Works, we take pride in our family heritage of being world leaders in injection and extrusion screw manufacturing. With over four generations of experience, we provide high quality parts and cost-effective solutions with the same attention to detail and conscientious service our great grandfather delivered over 90 years ago.