Custom Screws & Barrels

We Identify Opportunities For Enhanced Performance

At Santa Fe Machine Works, we guarantee every custom screw we make is the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Some customers have even told us our screws look pretty. We know that might sound silly, but we have a lot of pride in our reputation of taking that extra step to make our products exceptional.

Our process begins by determining our customers exact specifications. With your complete machine processing information, our experienced team is then ready to lead you through various applications and materials to create the most efficient match for your needs.
We identify opportunities for enhanced performance. When our customers have issues with difficult extrusion or injection materials, we have several solutions.

sfm-9146If there is premature wear, we know what to look for. If machinery is running slow or having regular breakdowns, we know where to troubleshoot. If our customer will benefit, we have the expertise to reverse-engineer any existing part. With the multitude of specialized screws we can create, offering our customers the best options is our first priority. In order to define the perfect part, we take the time to fully understand our customers process, current machinery, materials, experiences and output expectations.

With our customers comprehensive information we can offer several solutions including:

  • Duplicate existing screw design if desired
  • Enhancing screw substrate and surface treatments to eliminate premature wear
  • Upgraded screw profiles achieve proper mix, melt quality and output rates for both injection and extrusion screws.
  • Superior mixing and reduced cycle times with Posi-Melt technology for injection molding screws

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