Extrusion & Injection Barrels

Your Project Stays in the USA | High Quality | High Warranty

Custom BarrelsFor over 20 years, SFM has been one of the largest distributors of WEXCO High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels.

With Santa Fe Machine Works, our customers can rely on a complete package. Your project always stays in-house where exact specifications are determined and carefully adhered to. Our one-stop-shop approach offers substantial cost savings by eliminating the need to locate corresponding components to complete your projects. Our expertise in choosing only the most dependable manufacturing partners saves our customers valuable time.

While most other barrel makers abide by SPI standards for straightness, WEXCO applies much tighter straightness tolerances to their barrel production.

Carbid Bi-metallic BarrelOur most popular WEXCO® extrusion and injection barrels are available with the following inlays:

  • 555 corrosion-resistant with Iconel®
  • 666 abrasion resistant
  • 777 corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Durocast™ corrosion and abrasion resistant with a 5-year guarantee
  • BO22 highly corrosion resistant with zero Iron delusion

We offer comprehensive on-site inspections to determine the exact barrel linings for your process. In addition, we have the capability to reline old barrels.