Extrusion & Injection Barrels

Santa Fe Machine Works is one of the largest distributors of High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels in North America. We are also the primary US distributor of Tan Star High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels.

Our barrels are made of high-quality materials, sourced from only the best Japanese and US materials suppliers.

Our most popular extrusion and injection barrels are available with a multitude of inlays depending on your resins. We offer comprehensive on-site inspections to determine the exact barrel linings for your process. In addition, we have the capability to reline old barrels.

Tan Star High-Performance Bimetallic Barrel linings we offer Other High-Performance Bimetallic Barrels linings we offer
TP-F Nickel base for corrosive resistance

F10 Iron/Boron for general purpose
R241 Nickel base with carbide for high wear and moderate corrosion resistance
T10 Nickel base with carbide for <15% glass fiber R112 Iron base for general purpose
T25 Nickel base with carbide for <30% glass fiber BO55 Nickel base and 0% iron content cast by HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) for severe corrosive resistance
T40 Nickel base with carbide for <50% glass fiber  
T60 Nickel base with carbide for Halogen-free materials with high corrosion resistance  

You can rely on us to deliver total solutions in a complete package:

  • Your project always stays in-house where your exact specifications are determined and carefully adhered to.
  • Our one-stop-shop approach offers substantial cost savings by eliminating the need to locate corresponding components to complete your projects.
  • Our expertise in choosing only the most dependable manufacturing partners saves our customers valuable time.

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