We are the Only Manufacture for Posi-Melt Custom Injection Screws

Injection Screw Design For Optimum Mix and Reduced Cycle Times


Machining a CNC ScrewWith nearly a century of experience, we know general purpose profile and substrate screws rarely meet the demands of ever changing polymers & resins. Using GP screws in state-of-the-art machinery is like putting cheap tires on a fine race car.

To compliment our high performance injection screw designs, we are proud to offer Posi-Melt Technology. With a superior mix that produces 100% true vibrant color, Posi-Melt applications meet the most demanding melt quality and cycle times in the industry.

Posi-Melt Injection Screw Design

Injection screw design is based on several factors that are determined in our first consultation. We meet and exceed our customers expectations by offering:


  • Assistance with complicated upsize and downsize packages.
  • L.I.M. (Liquid Injection Molding) conversion packages.
  • M.I.M. (Metal Injection Molding) conversion packages.
  • Thermoset conversion packages offered.
  • Minimum 1/2” O.D. to a maximum 12” O.D. screws.
  • Carefully engineered screw geometry to match the exact needs of your process.
  • Reduced cycle times and longer machine life.
  • Pairing of base materials and surface treatments to maximize screw life.
  • Screw recovery solutions for high performance and multiple applications.
  • Quality inspections with every step of the process to create customized parts specific to our customers demands.
  • Expertly manufactured parts that exceed OEM tolerances.

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