Valves & End Caps

ValvesSanta Fe Machine Works offers a complete selection of valves and end caps manufactured from a variety of steels and alloys that work most efficiently for chosen processes.

We examine how your machinery is running to put together a package to enhance optimal efficiency. We know how to mix and match the best valve design per screw specifications. We carefully choose our suppliers in our commitment to the same level of quality and prompt service we expect of ourselves.

We are proud to offer the highest quality end caps and valves created from corrosion and wear-resistant alloys that withstand high abrasion production environments including:

  • 3-Piece Valves
  • 4-Piece Valves
  • Smear Tips
  • End Caps
  • Ball Check Valves
  • OEM Tips

All our valves and end caps are custom made. With tolerances that are held closer than OEM specifications, they are made from premium tool steels, are heat treated and have highly polished inner surfaces.